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Product Overview

If specs are changed after the bid is let or construction starts, you can use RESPEC to issue a change order. This keeps the original specifications intact and creates a clear legal record of any changes.

 RESPEC Features

Computer System requirements

The program requires Microsoft Windows (XP,7,8).  If the system runs Windows fast enough to suit you, then RESPEC should run well on the machine.  Generally the requirements are a Pentium 450 or better processor, 128 Megs of RAM, a hard drive with 500 Megs free, 800x600 or better monitor and a Windows compatible pointing device (e.g., mouse, trackball, etc.).  As with most programs, a faster processor, more memory and a faster hard drive will give better performance.


The program files and data can be installed on a server drive and shared between users.  You can use Windows NT or Novell servers. You can also use Peer-to-Peer LANs (such as Lantastic and Windows 95). Using this method the client workstations

Using the Maintenance program requires exclusive access to the files (i.e., no one else can be running the RESPEC program).


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